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Sea Kitten Recipe Deadline Extended

I’ve decided to extend the deadline through Friday!

Please send either a link to a recipe or the recipe itself to seakittens@musing-minds.com.

At the moment we have recipes for whitefish sea kitten, salmon, and crawfish sea kitten pie. Please give us more!

The carnival will be posted Sunday morning.

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The deadline for submitting a link or a recipe for the [cref sea-kittens-for-ieatapeta-day Sea Kittens for IEATAPeTA Day Recipe Carnival]  is on Ash Wednesday, February 25th, 2009.

The Carnival will be posted on March 1st.

IEATAPeTA Day is March 15th.

Ash Wednesday starts Lent so fish Sea Kitten recipes should come in quite handy! Perhaps it won’t be the same old same old on Fridays.

Send recipes to seakitten *at* this domain *dot* com. You can also send to seakittens *at* this domain *dot* com.

Sea Kittens for IEATAPETA Day

The annual International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA day is Sunday, March 15, 2009.

With PETA’s latest lame attempt at trying to “guilt” us into becoming vegans, I think that this year’s IEATAPETA day should be devoted to “Sea Kittens” of all kinds. PETA is also trying to get schools with names like Whitefish and Spearfish to rename themselves Sea Kitten…

Let’s have Fish and Chips, scallops, lobster, salmon, crab legs (especially those giant ones from Alaska), Maryland Crab Cakes, Cedar plank Tilapia, Orange Roughy, Tuna, Shark, Abalone, Sushi, and, of course, Catfish.

Let’s get a Sea Kitten Recipe Carnival going! I’ll host here and we can publish on March 1st so people can have 2 weeks to decide and shop for what they’ll have on IEATAPETA day.

Let’s have a deadline of 2/25 to get the recipes/links to your blogpost recipe so I can get them assembled for the 1st. Send to seakittens *at* musing-minds *dot* com.