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Transformers3 in Chicago

We went downtown yesterday to see what we could see of the filming. This is a setup on Wacker Drive, a vehicle crushed by fallen building parts.

We saw a bit of filming when we were down on the river. At the water taxi stop (which was not in use this weekend because of the filming) we saw a bunch of actors portraying soldiers fighting and then retreating from something we couldn’t see…

We also saw Ratchet!



We went and saw Igor this afternoon and it was so much fun.

In a world named Malaria where it storms every day, the only thing to do is to be an evil scientist. Or an evil scientist’s Igor.

Except one Igor (John Cusack) who wants to be an evil scientist too.

Igor has a couple of sidekicks/friends/inventions named Scamper (Steve Buscemi) and Brain (Sean Hayes). His scientist boss is Dr. Glickenstien (John Cleese) and their nemesis is Dr. Schadenfreude – yep, Schadenfreude – (Eddie Izzard).

Shades of Young Frankenstein were seen when the Monster goes to the orphanage for blind children and then is captivated by paper flowers.

One of the best lines: “I’ll be an environmentalist, but I’ll fly private when necessary.”

Click to go to Malaria.com to donate for mosquito nets

Click to go to Malaria.com to donate for mosquito nets

"The Voice" is gone

Don LaFontaine has died at age 68.