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Have You Been Blagojeviched?

During the impeachment “debate” this morning, one of the speakers mentioned that people have been “Blagojeviched”. Have you?


Rich Miller at Capitol Fax Blog is live blogging the debate.

Not much of what I’d call a “debate” it’s a lot of speechifying with bipartisan support of impeachment so far.

Rep. Mendoza(D), “It’s amazingly fitting that Governor Blagojevich face impeachment today of all days. On his self admitted hero Richard Nixon’s birthday. Their common bond of impeachment will unite them in history’s dark annals of corruption, but even Nixon displayed more integrity than Blagojevich by resigning before he was impeached.”

Governor Blagojevich’s sister-in-law, Deb Mell (D-IL 40th), won’t be voting on his impeachment. New representatives aren’t sworn in until next week.

Impeachment Vote Tomorrow

The Illinois House imeachment committee voted 21-0 to send the vote to the House floor. It was sent down tonight for voting tomorrow morning.

More at The Captiol Fax Blog, including links to the exhibits online and what happened with Burris’ testimony.