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Early Voting

Joe Biden was encouraging the crowd at his rally in Colorado today to vote early since early voting in Colorado goes on until October 31st. Shep cut away from Joe’s giving his website address for information on early voting and said:

Shep: We won’t interrupt him for the meat of his discussion, but Mary Ann Marsh, why is this early voting so important?

Mary Ann: Well it’s everything Shep. You have to assume that all these polls are much closer than they appear and as Major Garrett said in the earlier segment, any vote you can get before election day is a vote in the bank. You can count those. You can go into election day, know exactly how many votes you have and then based on models know exactly how many votes you have to get on election day. The big thing here Shep that you’ve got to keep in mind is, a good field organization is worth three to five points on election day. You can find three to five points on the ground on election day. So if these polls are close then that’s exactly what’s going to determine this race and you have to say, in that respect, Barack Obama should have the advantage.

This particular line piqued my interest:

You can go into election day, know exactly how many votes you have and then based on models know exactly how many votes you have to get on election day.

I was under the impression that early votes were counted at the same time that absentee ballots were counted, on election day.

So I called up the County Clerk’s office and asked just to make sure.

Early votes are held until election day. So are absentee votes. Then the moving company brings all the voting machines to a warehouse for processing. All the votes are processed at that time.

So, I don’t know how Mary Ann Marsh can know how many votes there are for any candidate. The most she can know is how many early voters there were.

Exit polling, notoriously unreliable, is even harder with early voting, too many places, too many days…


$250K Gross

That’s the number given by Maria Cardona of the Obama campaign when asked by Julie Banderas if the $250K was net or gross.

That makes it even worse.

Maria Cardona continues to insist that 98% of small businesses make less than this. But she’s talking gross numbers here. Does she or the Obama campaign realise how many small businesses can GROSS a quarter million dollars a year? Easily?

There’s a HUGE difference between a company grossing $250K and netting $250K…

Say you have a small retail establishment.

You may have rent of  $2,250/month (1,500 sq ft @ $1.50/sq ft) = $27,000

You may have a couple of employees. Maybe at $12/hour. That’s $48,000 just for regular time, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year. Then add in $4,131 for the employer’s portion of FICA (social security and medicare), add in unemployment taxes and any benefits you might be paying. That $48,000 in salary can become $62,000 when all is said and done.

So far, with just rent and two employees we are up to $89,000.

Then we have insurance, advertising, shipping, inventory, licenses and other business fees, local taxes, inventory losses, perhaps franchise fees (depending on the business), and a myriad of other expenses. And you want to pay yourself something. You also want to be able to reinvest something into the business.

With good sales, or a service that’s in demand; business to business or business to consumer or both, I would say the number of small businesses that can gross $250K or more in any year is far in excess of only 2% of small businesses.

Now Fox News is spamming me too

I got an email today almost identical to the one noted in [cref abc-news-is-spamming-me this post] except that it says it’s from Fox News

The sender is Moin with a subject line of Autumn savings here.

The body has a grey background and an image that I refuse to download.

This message was sent to {email address}

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