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Transformers3 in Chicago

We went downtown yesterday to see what we could see of the filming. This is a setup on Wacker Drive, a vehicle crushed by fallen building parts.

We saw a bit of filming when we were down on the river. At the water taxi stop (which was not in use this weekend because of the filming) we saw a bunch of actors portraying soldiers fighting and then retreating from something we couldn’t see…

We also saw Ratchet!


Spring in Chicago

Just a block or two from where the Tea Party will be held on Tax Day, it’s springtime in Chicago. One of the nice things that Mayor Daley has done, these mini gardens in the street…

Da Bean

It’s official name is Cloud Gate and it’s at Millennium Park in Chicago.

Tea Party Photos!

Click to embiggen – There are more on Flickr

We met Anne of Backyard Conservative – she got a shot of us with our signs:


I am not that short, I was sitting on my Rollator rolling walker thingy that has a seat. I wouldn’t have been able to stand that long, but sitting right next to the stage was fine.