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"Beloved President"

Yep, he (the guy from AARP) did say that.

Starting at 3:30 or so…

I have the opportunity to introduce the leader of the free world, our president, our beloved president, President Barack Obama.

Is “Dear Leader” so far away?


What was it that Hillary Clinton said?

…ah, yes

We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

Three Things

  1. I didn’t sleep well last night. Part of the reason was the six pound black cat curled up between my shoulder and my chin, purring her little head off, and emitting tiny, stinky cat farts….
  2. I, and many others like me, don’t resent those who earn more than we do. We aspire to earn that much or more! And we work for it. For example, my husband and I earned degrees to help us earn more. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and he has a Bachelor’s degree in IT and a Master’s in IT Management with a Security concentration.
  3. Do Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the democrats in Congress realize that with their increasing taxes on “the rich” and spending huge amounts that they will end up becoming a sub-prime loan recipient? And that we, the taxpaying lenders, won’t be getting a “bailout” this time? And why $250K? I think that’s far too low. Many families making that in Manhattan or San Francisco are solidly middle class, not rich, because of the cost of living.


So far this morning I’ve heard Maria Cardona and Stephanie Cutter trying to explain [cref does-joe-biden-want-to-be-vp Joe Biden’s remarks] from Sunday.

Both are saying that with the world as it is today, whoever is elected president will be tested, especially with the “failed policies of the last eight years”.

Joe Biden said:

Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. (emphasis mine)

Maria and Stephanie are just trying to spin us away from what Biden actually said. The fact that Biden speaks only of Obama, not McCain is one reason; The “whoever wins the Presidency will be tested” line just doesn’t cut the mustard.

The other is the emphasized phrase above: “a generated crisis”. Joe Biden is telling his audience that one of our enemies out there will generate a crisis in order to test Obama. Creating something new, not just the world as it is today. Not just Iraq and Afghanistan. Something else.

Obama is running for Jimmy Carter’s second term. The world will expect Obama to react just as Jimmy Carter did.

UPDATE: Your Radio Equalizer has talk radio reaction to Biden’s comments and the Obama camp spin.

Who's Been in Charge?

Yesterday, as in the [cref public-financing post below], Shep was talking to Mary Ann Marsh and she said (paraphrased because I hadn’t set the TiVo and I was listening to the show on my phone on my walk to pick up the Little Guy at school)

For 20 of the last 26 years Republicans were in charge of the whole thing.

She said this in relation to John McCain having been in the senate and doing nothing to regulate banks, etc, so as to keep them from going belly up…

I made myself a note to check that claim out.

The last 26 years would seem to be starting with the 98th Congress (1983-1985; 1982 elections)

Congress House Majority Senate Majority White House Admin “In Charge”
98th Democrat Republican Republican Reagan Republican
99th Democrat Republican Republican Reagan Republican
100th Democrat Democrat Republican Reagan Democrat
101st Democrat Democrat Republican Bush 41 Democrat
102nd Democrat Democrat Republican Bush 41 Democrat
103rd Democrat Democrat Democrat Clinton Democrat
104th Republican Republican Democrat Clinton Republican
105th Republican Republican Democrat Clinton Republican
106th Republican Republican Democrat Clinton Republican
107th Republican Tie** Republican Bush 43 Republican
108th Republican Republican Republican Bush 43 Republican
109th Republican Republican Republican Bush 43 Republican
110th Democrat Democrat Republican Bush 43 Democrat

** In the 107th Congress, the Senate majority passed from party to party so that each party held the majority twice during that Congress.

As you can see from the chart above, Mary Ann Marsh’s statement doesn’t work in any way.

The House was held by the Democrats 14 of the last 26 years.

The Senate was held by the Republicans 14 of the last 26 years.

The White House was held by the Republicans 18 of the last 26 years.

Republicans held both the White House and both houses of Congress for two congresses (and part of one), the Democrats for one congress in the past 26 years. But if you go back a little further, Jimmy Carter’s Administration was completely Democrat. Both houses and the White House were in Democrat hands.

And that’s around the time Joe Biden started out in the Senate…

Barack Obama again today talked about John McCain and old boys’ networks and “he’s been in Washington for 26 years”, yada, yada, yada.

Joe Biden’s been in for 36 years.

Isn’t 36 years 10 years more than 26?

Beckel/Tantaros Fox News Transcript

Bill Hemmer hosted a segment with Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros this morning.

Hemmer: Alright. Back to the trail now. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama sharpening his response not on his rival John McCain but rather on the VP nominee Sarah Palin. In an interview on Sunday on ABC the lead headline deals with Obama’s response to Palin saying, quote, “She doesn’t have the experience for the job.” But why then is Barack Obama focusing on Palin as opposed to McCain. Let’s talk about that with Bob Beckel, Democratic consultant and a Fox News contributor and Andrea Tantaros, political analyst and Republican consultant. Good morning to both of you, let’s let it rip.

By the way, everywhere I went for the past 3 days, every single person I came into contact with, they’re talking about Sarah Palin. We’re going to discuss that in a moment here about this political phenomenon.

Bob, should Barack Obama even be addressing Sarah Palin’s qualifications, or would you kind of want to keep that focus on the top of the ticket?

Beckel: Everywhere you went they were talking about it. I didn’t realize, I didn’t have that experience. The answer, look, the reason that, uh, the reason that he’s taking her on, and also McCain, I mean he did both, is that they tried to take the “change” message away from Obama. And what he said was – and he’s exactly right – when Sarah Palin said among the changes we don’t, we don’t like the, you know, the uh, these, uh, uh, the federal money coming in to the State of Alaska, and I was against the bridge to nowhere money. well the fact is she was for it then she was against it but she kept the money. And she also hired lobbyists to get $27 million in earmarks for Willisa [sic]. I think that’s how you pronounce it where’s she’s from.

Hemmer: Wasilla.

Beckel: Wasilla? Wasilla, Walissa. Anyway, a little place in Alaska.

Hemmer: 40 miles north of Anchorage, population 7,000.

Beckel: Ah, 7,000. Okay. Good. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was that big. The, uh, and so, I would say this; you know, if she wants to, if they want to try to, try to take that change message and they’re not doing what the change is about then he ought to call them on it. Absolutely.

Hemmer: Andrea?

Tantaros: The reason Bob didn’t hear anyone talking about Sarah Palin is because he didn’t leave his house because he was crying his eyes out over the fact that we did pick Sarah Palin and his team didn’t pick Hillary.

Hemmer: Here we go… {laughs}

Tantaros: Bad mistake. So that’s why Bob didn’t hear about it. Look, this is not a fight that the Democrats want. They do not want to debate their top of the ticket on experience versus our bottom of the ticket. You know, Barack Obama has not authored a single piece of legislation. His motto is ‘when the going gets tough, the tough vote present’. This is so different than Sarah Palin who manages a budget in Alaksa of $6 billion. She has 24,000 employees underneath her, she shares a border with Canada and Russia – nobody else can say that. She’s got a bredth and depth on the energy issue, Obama can’t say that. And effectively, McCain has ripped the change mantra out of Obama’s hands. McCain chose an outsider, Obama chose a Washington insider with Joe Biden.

Beckel: She shares a border with Canada and Russia?

Tantaros: She has to deal with…

Beckel: First of all it’s not a border with Russia number one…

Tantaros: Yes it is.

Beckel: But number two what is that supposed to mean? Does that make her an expert in Soviet affairs? I mean, what does that mean?

Tantaros: Bob, it’s still something that no other governor has to deal with. And Barack Obama has…

Beckel: Has to deal with…

Tantaros: to deal with, dealt with zero foreign policy Bob. Three weeks in Karachi does not mean you’re a foreign policy expert.

Beckel: Does she have the Alaskan National Guard defending herself?

Tantaros: Three weeks in Karachi, that’s what Barack Obama said makes him more experienced than Hillary Clinton and John McCain. That is laughable.

Beckel: More exp… more experienced? You’re suggesting now, you’re really with a straight face suggesting that Sarah Palin is experienced and ready to take over the Presidency of the United States, is that what you’re saying with a straight face?

Tantaros: Well, let’s see, she is the vice president, correct? And Barack Obama is number one on that ticket, so he has got to be ready on day one. Correct? So you’re saying that he has way more experience than her? Is that what you’re arguing against her?

Beckel: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Tantaros: How? What does he have?

Beckel: How?

Tantaros: Give me some legislation.

Beckel: Do you know how big Alaska is? It’s about the size of his state senate district number one.

Tantaros: What budget has he had to manage?

Beckel: Number two, she’s been in office less than two years as Governor of Alaska. Frankly the Governor of Alaska, when you say she has to deal with the Russians, I don’t know what she has to deal with with the Russians about. She deals with the energy company and makes a lot of money off dealing with the energy company.

Tantaros: Exactly. Energy.

Beckel: Look, the other thing is, the other experience she’s had, I’ll give you that, is mayor of Walissa, Wasilla, Wasalla, whatever it is, Alaska

Hemmer: Bob you’ll get it right eventually. We have to cut to chase on this…

Tantaros: Bob, you still haven’t given me any reason why.

Hemmer: You made a comment to one of our producers, the following. Now tell me if it’s true or not. You said, “trust me, this rottweiler will self destruct.”

Tantaros: You wish.

Beckel: That is a, that’s a, you know those things are supposed to be personal, but now that you’ve brought it out – thank you – yeah. The answer is remember when she said the difference between…

Hemmer: This is what you told our producers earlier today right?

Beckel: Right. And…

Hemmer: I’m not taking your words out of context in any way?

Beckel: I thought she said the difference in her speech, the difference between a soccer – uh hockey mom and a rottweiler was…

Hemmer: Pit bull.

Beckel: or maybe it was a mistake, was lipstick, right?

Hemmer: I see.

Beckel: So that’s what I was playing off of.

Hemmer: I understand, it’s not sexist then. But you’re still saying that she will self destruct.

Beckel: I believe that she will, by the time, why? because I don’t think she’s up for handling the national stage. And I think before a month is up you’re going to find that what looks like an exciting choice for the Republican base and the religious right is not going to be all that exciting.

Tantaros: Bob, if that’s the only hope you guys have got, I’d get down on my knees and start praying.

Beckel: We’ve got a lot bigger hope than that, a lot bigger hope than that.

Tantaros: It ain’t gonna happen.  And that pit bull? You’d better watch. She bites.


Updated – see below.

Betsy has a post up on windfall profits and what exactly constitutes a windfall profit.

Exxon Mobil posted record profits in the 2nd quarter of 2008. Chris Krasowski at iStockAnalyst reports:

A record profit for Exxon Mobil (XOM), but nonetheless an increase year-over-year that was smaller than expected by analysts. Smaller?!? The company made just shy of $11.7Billion in profit on $138Billion in Revenue. Both all-time highs, not only for Exxon but for any company in America’s history!

Then General Motors posted a loss for the 2nd quarter of 2008. Edmunds reports:

General Motors Friday reported a $15.5-billion loss for the second quarter, a loss that was far beyond analysts’ wildest expectations.

So, profits of $11.7 billion are windfall profits and too much for any company to make, but losses of $15.5 billion are just fine for a company to lose.

Barack Obama speaking in Lansing, Michigan today (his 47th birthday) once again said (transcribed off TiVo):

I believe we should give every working family in America a $1,000 energy rebate and we should pay for it with part of the record profits that the oil companies are making right now.

He wants to rob Peter to pay Peter. He’ll give us a thousand stinking dollars to offset our fuel needs and charge the oil companies for it. The oil companies will turn around and charge us more for our fuel needs. And what do you want to bet that Obama’s administration would take far more from the oil companies than they’d “give” to us? Costing us far more than the $1,000 “gift” we’ll get.

He said that if we drill on “every inch” of our soil and offshore we’d only have 3% of the world’s oil supply and that the United States uses 25% of the world’s oil.

Nasty, greedy Americans, using 25% of the world’s oil supply and we don’t account for 25% of the population and, if you believe what Obama just said, 3% of the supply is in our control. What no one seems to consider, however, is what percentage of world production of just about everything is American? Which country has produced more inventions? Developed new technologies in just about any industry one can think of? Which country has greater productivity? We don’t take the month of August off, we have many industries that run 24/7 including retail. Run out of toilet paper in the middle of the night? Chances are there’s somewhere close by that’s open so you can go buy some more.

That 25% goes to far more than greedy SUV and soccer mom van driving Americans. It goes to far more than keeping someone cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

He’s talking about stopping our dependence on oil. But as I noted in an earlier post, oil is in almost everything we use.

Update: Over at Patterico’s DRJ has a great post on Obama’s energy policy speech in Lansing today.

I also had a few more thoughts on us “greedy Americans”. We give the lion’s share of foreign aid especially in emergency response situations. We pay what percent of the UN’s budget? How much of the world’s food supply is from the United States?