There are some ads in my sidebar. They are generally easily identifiable as ads. I personally own both Hannah Rose and Schratwieser Consulting. Musing Minds is giving them ad space for “free”. I am an Amazon Associate and receive small commissions if you click through and actually purchase something. I also receive a small commission if you choose to order hosting through 1&1 and the ad there. The section called “featured links” is also ads.

I have endorsed items on this blog, but haven’t received anything for those endorsements. For example, I own, and have owned the Bissell Little Green Clean Machine that I wrote about here. Generally, if I’m writing about something it’s because I have it, or have used it, or have seen it on TV (when I write about commercials for products ranging from Brinks (now Broadview Security) to Vince Offer and the Slap Chop).

I have received two, count ’em two, review copies of books, which I read but got too busy to actually write a review for.

The FTC is requiring that one disclose when one has received a product or payment from a company for a story about that product.

I could use a nice digital SLR and have been looking at Nikon’s, I would love to disclose that I have received a free one for review, but I guess that’ll never happen, just like Ann Althouse never got the Corvette she was angling for from GM…

More about the requirements from Walter Olson at Overlawyered.