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Transformers3 in Chicago

We went downtown yesterday to see what we could see of the filming. This is a setup on Wacker Drive, a vehicle crushed by fallen building parts.

We saw a bit of filming when we were down on the river. At the water taxi stop (which was not in use this weekend because of the filming) we saw a bunch of actors portraying soldiers fighting and then retreating from something we couldn’t see…

We also saw Ratchet!


Lyuba the Baby Mammoth

We saw her yesterday at the Field Museum in Chicago.

It was a hazy day downtown

Happy Fourth of July

We participated in two parades today!

Hubby and Joe Walsh at the Antioch, IL parade.

Squash Blossom

And now there are many more. I just hope they don’t all fall off with no fruit like last year. I had a lot of blossoms and no fruit… 😥


Herb Garden

I found this neat kit at the nursery. It has a pole and two cross pieces. The cross pieces go in to the bottom, big pot at the bottom and top, then the pole is threaded through the holes in the middle of the pieces. Then you take four smaller pots and thread them on the pole, flipping them back and forth as you do. Fill with soil and add plants! This makes a great herb garden for me!

From the top down: Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, Thyme, and in the bottom pot: French Tarragon, Basil, and Italian Parsley around the back.


Sunday was not only Mothers’ Day, it was my 12th Wedding Anniversary. I made cupcakes!

The Mallards Come to Visit

They’re back again this year. They go for the bird seed that the small birds drop from the feeder.

Volcano Pics – Updated

There are some beautiful pictures of the Iceland volcano at Discovery.

Here’s one to whet your appetite. Click the link to see the rest.


There are more at (35 at last count).

Yellow Tulip