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Transformers3 in Chicago

We went downtown yesterday to see what we could see of the filming. This is a setup on Wacker Drive, a vehicle crushed by fallen building parts.

We saw a bit of filming when we were down on the river. At the water taxi stop (which was not in use this weekend because of the filming) we saw a bunch of actors portraying soldiers fighting and then retreating from something we couldn’t see…

We also saw Ratchet!


Iron Baby Movie Trailer

This is just too funny! Very well made too.

because a parent complained that 4th and 5th graders (10-11 year-old children) could look up “naughty” words.

Why do we still let one or two “offended” parents tyranize the rest of us? Why don’t we just tell them where to get off?

h/t Walter Olson at…

from the comments at Overlawyered:

What’s this lady going to do when her kid goes to web-dictionaries and discovers that you can make your PC audibly pronounce such terms?

Track Santa

Norad tracks Santa every year!

Happy Birthday Big Girl

Yesterday it was The Little Guy’s 9th birthday – today it’s The Big Girl’s 19th birthday. Her Golden birthday (19 on the 19th).

Our Princess

Our Princess

My princess has special needs. She has epilepsy and a developmental delay and a moderate hearing impairment. A few years ago she was also diagnosed with lupus. She’s still in ‘high school’ learning life skills and having her daily routine of riding the bus and seeing and socializing with other people.

We are blessed that our girl’s epilepsy has been under control on medication for several years now and that her lupus has also been controlled. The poor thing used to seize all the time, just not really visibly.

The best analogy I’ve found is to think of listening to a radio that is just on the edge of the listening area. Every so often, static replaces the music. But you know the songs. Your mind can fill in the words and music while the static is there and when the music comes back, you’re right on the mark.

She was pretty much able to continue doing whatever it was she was doing before the seizure. We were blessed that she was not in danger while seizing. She’d pause while walking, just for a second, and then continue on. She never fell, never stabbed herself with a fork while eating.

She can write her name and recognize many written words, but she doesn’t read or write. She only uses a few words and a few signs to help her get her point across. She loves to watch movies and listen to her ‘radio’ – CD’s on the DVD player. A few years ago we bought a combo TV/DVD player and just recently the DVD player portion doesn’t work properly. The tray won’t eject using either the button on the TV or the button on the remote control. So we just bought her a new DVD player to hook up to it. Coincidentally, The Little Guy’s DVD player also would not open and it had to be replaced too.

For her birthday we got her UP, Tinkerbell, and Ice Age III – Dawn of the Dinosaurs. She just loves those Ice Age movies. Back when we got the first one, she called it ‘Elephant’ all the time. Then, when Ice Age – The Meltdown came out, that was ‘Elephant in Water’. We worked with her and got her to say Ice Age and Ice Age Two. Now she’s got her new movie ‘Three’. The Little Guy got GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and she’ll love that one just as much. She loved it when we saw it at the theater for The Big Guy’s birthday back in August. She also adores the Transformers movies and Bumblebee is her favorite.

She’ll need to be on meds the rest of her life. She’ll need supervision and someone to help her with showering. She can feed herself, but can’t cook. She can dress herself, use the bathroom herself, but she’ll never be a ‘productive’ member of society.

She loves and is loved.

*** As an Amazon Associate, I could get a few pennies if you order one of these movies from Amazon – or if you order anything else while still in the session at Amazon that  came from any of these links. Also, I see that Amazon has a set of all three of the Ice Age movies on Blu-Ray as well. ***

Happy Halloween!

Daylight Saving Time also ends at 2 am tomorrow. Set your clocks back tonight and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

My Princess, Anakin Skywalker, and Crow…


Happy Birthday Emily!

It’s my niece’s 14th birthday today and she wanted a purple Converse All-Star*** High Top cake. So she got what she wanted:

Emily's Birthday Cake

Emily's Birthday Cake

***I received no compensation or consideration for this Converse All-Star Shoe Cake. It is what my niece wanted her cake to look like, and it’s what I provided to her. ***

Hollywood, Polanski, Phillips, and rape – updated

Updated below.

Hollywood has come out in defense of Roman Polanski and Mackenzie Phillips has come out about her past.

Whoopi Goldberg said that what Roman Polanski did wasn’t “rape-rape“.

Debra Winger said that the arrest was “based on a three-decades-old case that is dead but for minor technicalities. We stand by him and await his release and his next masterpiece.

The Anchoress whose latest post contrasts two Polish men, one a filmmaker, the other a Pope, Althouse, and Patterico (scroll down) have much more on the Polanski issue and the fallout.

Of course it was a rape. Mr. Polanski gave a 13-year-old child part of a Quaalude and some champagne and sodomized her. The case isn’t “dead but for minor technicalities.” He pleaded guilty and fled the country before being sentenced. He’s led a good life for the past 30 years. He’s been able to make films and receive awards. That he wasn’t able to come to the United States is on him. He could have come here at any time, and been sentenced and served his sentence and gone on with his life. Now he’s just delayed the sentencing and added more time for fleeing.

The other story was that of Mackenzie Phillips. She wasn’t a minor, but the quote says a lot. In her new biography she says that 30 years ago, when she was 19 and about to get married, she took drugs with her father and passed out.

My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father.

No Mackenzie. You didn’t wake up having sex with your father. You woke up being raped by your father.

What has happened that one person wakes up being raped and says it was just “having sex” and another, 13-year-old child’s rape is considered by some to not be a “rape-rape” because the child was not beaten and “forced”? The woman was raped as was the child. Drugs were involved in both. That doesn’t make either one any less of a rape.


Dafydd at Big Lizards (cross-posted at Hot Air’s Rogue’s Gallery) says that the sentence may have been 48 days to bring the total sentence including time served to 90 days. For raping a 13-year-old child! 90 days. He fled the country for a month and half in jail.

Stolen Bike

The Little Guy’s bike was stolen sometime overnight.

But the perp might have thought they weren’t exactly stealing since they left something in return.

Almost the same bike. But not quite.

The Little Guy’s bike was over a year old and had a few dings as is usual for a bike a seven- and eight-year-old boy has been riding for around 15 months.

The bike looked like this with normal wear and tear:

Tony Hawk Sypher bike

Tony Hawk Sypher bike

What was left in its place had no tires (but the rims had been ridden on), no reflectors, no pegs (there are four, two on each axle), and the bolt to hold the seat on was missing. The frame was also really banged up.

This was just so bizarre. They left a doppelganger in its place. It wasn’t our bike, stripped. It was a completely different bike of the same model. Like they thought we wouldn’t notice.

I had called Toys”R”Us to see if they had kept any serial number data on the bikes they sold, but they don’t. I didn’t really expect they did. The manager I spoke with said that once, when he was a kid, someone came into their back yard, stole their Weber Grill, and left a pair of Brewer’s tickets in its place.

Drug Advertising

Let’s stop drug advertising, at least on TV. It seems like every time you turn around there’s another commercial telling you to ask your doctor if this drug or that drug is right for you.

There are commericals with pipe people and bouncing balloons and twin clawfoot bathtubs out in the middle of a field.

We were going to travel down to the city today to go to Lincoln Park Zoo and see the Chicago Air and Water Show. Unfortunately, starting late last night, my colon decided to cleanse itself and I was up half the night ‘going’.

Hubby told The Little Guy that we were going to postpone our trip until tomorrow because “Mommy had some gas and diarrhea” (we don’t mince words in our house).

The Little Guy said, “Maybe Mommy has a growing problem with her prostate.” Hubby told him that Mommy doesn’t have a prostate.

That’s just too much when your eight-year-old son thinks Mommy needs Avodart for her prostate or that Elvis sang Viva Viagra instead of Viva Las Vegas. Don’t get me started on what happens when an eight-year-old asks what erectile dysfunction is.

Some of these commercials are two to three minutes long in order to include all the disclaimers and warnings necessary. And they can be pretty scary if you actually listen to them. Avodart should not even be touched by women because of a risk of  a certain birth defect. Some of the asthma medications say that they can cause asthma to get worse, so one shouldn’t take this new drug if symptoms are well controlled on another drug.

If the drug companies think that advertising their products directly to patients works, then fine, advertise in magazines and newspapers where there can more of the ‘patient information’ than can be included in even a three minute television or radio ad, but keep it off the TV and the radio.