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Iron Baby Movie Trailer

This is just too funny! Very well made too.


Prepare for Memorial Day

I received an email from Jeanette at J’s Cafe Nette and forwarded it to Hubby who felt he had to post it ! It’s since been linked to by Mr. Fix-it at WGN Radio.

He’s posted it here: Preparation for Memorial Day.

He’s also posted a moving video here: True Meaning of Memorial Day!

Separated At Birth

Elena Kagan and Janet Napolitano

My Drawing

I am posting a portrait, not a cartoon, not in bad taste, just a portrait.

The Mohammed Image Archive has images of Mohammed from throughout history.

My previous posts: [cref i-received-a-take-down-notice-for-mohammed-cartoons I Received a Take Down Notice for Mohammed Cartoons], [cref no-surrender No Surrender], [cref muhammed-cartoons-blogburst-2 Muhammed Cartoons Blogburst]

Over at IMAO, Basil has a great post: Draw Mohammed Day


Sunday was not only Mothers’ Day, it was my 12th Wedding Anniversary. I made cupcakes!

The Mallards Come to Visit

They’re back again this year. They go for the bird seed that the small birds drop from the feeder.