What is your most favorite Christmas song? Mine is O Holy Night. It’s so powerful.

What is your least favorite Christmas song? Mine is The Christmas Shoes by Newsong. I just heard it the first time this year and I change the station when it comes on. It’s way too sad for a Christmas song and I wonder what the unkempt, dirty kid is doing at the mall or a store to try to buy shoes for his mother all by himself. Mom is dying. Dad says there’s not much time. But the kid is at the store with pennies and change to buy a pair of shoes so “Mom will pretty if she meets Jesus tonight.” OMG. I always feel like saying, Kid, Jesus doesn’t care what mom is wearing or not for when they meet. The singer of the song gives the kid money to buy the shoes. It may have been better to take the kid to a different department and buy him some new clothes, or the grocery store to get food, and get this kid home (or hospital or hospice) to be with MOM, not at the store to buy shoes she’ll never wear. Ok, /rant off…

I’d still like to know your favorite and non-favorite Christmas song.