Let’s stop drug advertising, at least on TV. It seems like every time you turn around there’s another commercial telling you to ask your doctor if this drug or that drug is right for you.

There are commericals with pipe people and bouncing balloons and twin clawfoot bathtubs out in the middle of a field.

We were going to travel down to the city today to go to Lincoln Park Zoo and see the Chicago Air and Water Show. Unfortunately, starting late last night, my colon decided to cleanse itself and I was up half the night ‘going’.

Hubby told The Little Guy that we were going to postpone our trip until tomorrow because “Mommy had some gas and diarrhea” (we don’t mince words in our house).

The Little Guy said, “Maybe Mommy has a growing problem with her prostate.” Hubby told him that Mommy doesn’t have a prostate.

That’s just too much when your eight-year-old son thinks Mommy needs Avodart for her prostate or that Elvis sang Viva Viagra instead of Viva Las Vegas. Don’t get me started on what happens when an eight-year-old asks what erectile dysfunction is.

Some of these commercials are two to three minutes long in order to include all the disclaimers and warnings necessary. And they can be pretty scary if you actually listen to them. Avodart should not even be touched by women because of a risk of  a certain birth defect. Some of the asthma medications say that they can cause asthma to get worse, so one shouldn’t take this new drug if symptoms are well controlled on another drug.

If the drug companies think that advertising their products directly to patients works, then fine, advertise in magazines and newspapers where there can more of the ‘patient information’ than can be included in even a three minute television or radio ad, but keep it off the TV and the radio.