Today I went to to check on my Representative, Melissa Bean (D-IL, 8th) and under the News and Blogs tab I saw an article from The Northwest Herald that said:

Local legislators, with the exception of state Rep. Jack Franks and U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean, gathered Tuesday morning at Woodstock North High School for the McHenry County Economic Development Corp. annual Legislative Breakfast.

With the exception of state Rep. Jack Franks and U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean. An annual Legislative Breakfast. I called Ms. Bean’s office to find out about her schedule, again. I had called her office either right before or at the beginning of the recess as well. I was given the same story this time as then, that they were still “finalizing her schedule”, that they could take my information and let me know when they had the schedule finalized. I told them they already had my information and that I was looking forward to their answer.

Then my friend Mr. Right emailed me with a post from Michelle Malkin about my Representative participating in a Chamber of Commerce breakfast/town hall meeting. I went to the site to sign up for the breakfast and found that the event has been disabled.


I can understand a charge for this particular meeting, it’s the Chamber of Commerce and breakfast is included. But why can’t she publish a schedule? If they haven’t finalized all the appearances, why can’t they publish those that they have?

At her House website, she lists previous appearances under the “Congress In Your Corner” banner. And those appearances are from last year. Nothing since July of 2008. Ms. Bean, I really don’t care where you’ve been, I’d like to know where you’ll be. And you really should update your site. There’s nothing about appearances in this Congress at all.

I met her once, at a local grocery store appearance. She wasn’t there very long and had to leave for another appearance somewhere else. My son was happy to get some booklets including a Pocket Constitution from her though.