Two new videos for your perusal.

Number one is Bill Burton waltzing around answering Megyn Kelly’s questions about what happens to the emails sent to He also states categorically that government health care opponents are “dressing up as Nazis” at town hall meetings (minute 6:02). Be sure to click through and read the comments left at YouTube on this one.

Number two is another example for my [cref a-new-axis-of-evil A New Axis of Evil post]. This time President Obama says that a primary care physician gets paid a pittance for advising his diabetic patients to take their medications as directed, to exercise, to eat properly, etc, etc while if that same patient needs to have his foot amputated, the surgeon will get “$30, 40, 50, 000 reimbursed right away!”

On this one, I have known diabetic patients who have done everything their primary care physician and endocrinologist tell them to do and they still need to have an amputation.

And, unless he didn’t tell us about the kick-back scheme between the primary care physician and the surgeon, his little story is not logical anyway. How will the primary care physician profit from the surgery?