Just how did Michael Westen become persona non grata?

It was February, near Athens. Michael Westen had arrived a few days earlier finally catching up to the man known as Stavros Medina. Michael was going to try to find out about Stavros’ next arms delivery. Who it was to be delivered to, and when and where it was to be delivered.

Michael found a way to “bump into” Stavros at a local, exclusive nightclub and later Stavros invited Michael to his villa. Laying out by the pool were two young girls, about sixteen years old. Stavros introduced them as his niece, Isabella, and her friend, Illianna. Soon, more people arrived and the pool area became quite crowded. Isabella and Illianna were often seen with their heads together, giggling.

Michael saw Stavros duck into the library with a couple of men. He went to an outside window to try to overhear what the conversation would be about. Illlianna quietly followed him as she was smitten with him and wanted to find out if he was equally smitten with her. As she snuck up on him, Michael’s training kicked in and he struck out against her. He realized, just in time, that this was a sixteen year old girl and not an enemy, and he didn’t hurt her. He did, however, scare her tremendously and this alerted Stavros to his presence.

He left immediately. Michael was not able to complete his mission, but the worst part was that Illianna was the daughter of the Romanian Ambassador. This was a mistake that could not be left unpunished.

Was this how Michael was burned? We’ll all find out next Thursday on USA Network’s Burn Notice.

Burn Notice Chiclet

Burn Notice Chiclet