It’s wonderfully cool and breezy today so, with the windows wide open, I can bake without heating the house up too much and definitely without running the air conditioning.

I sliced and roasted one red pepper, one onion and two small zucchini with a little garlic, sea salt, and olive oil on foil in a 400°F oven until they smelled really good. Once done I added a package of cream cheese and a package of neufchatel cheese to the food processor and added the roasted veggies (just dump off the foil). Process and you have a wonderful roasted vegetable cheese spread for sandwiches or on crackers. Yum. On a hot day, you could prepare the veggies on a foil sheet on the grill. Watch to make sure it doesn’t burn too badly.

Right now there’s a pan of brownies and a pan of “blondies” in the oven. The brownie recipe was off the Ghirardelli ground chocolate container and the “blondies” are Tollhouse™ pan cookies.