I share my birthday with: Joe Piscopo, Mark Linn-Baker (Perfect Strangers), Diane and Erin Murphy (Tabitha on Bewitched), Kami Cotler (Elizabeth on The Waltons), Linda Chavez, Mohamed ElBaradai, Newt Gingrich, Barry Manilow, MC Escher, Igor Stravinsky, Ken Livingstone – Mayor of London, Edward I of England, Dan Jansen – Olympic speed skater, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Farrelly (Farrelly Brothers), Burt Rutan (X-Prize), Ralph Bellamy, Stringbean from Hee-Haw, and Jack Murtha (D-PA) among others.

June 17th is also famous for the Watergate break in and the OJ Simpson slow speed Bronco chase. The Watergate break in wasn’t covered on the 17th, and I was pretty young, so there was no real connection between my birthday and Watergate until I was older. On the other hand, with no TiVo yet, the networks pre-empted regular programming to cover, from all angles, a white Ford Bronco driving very slowly on LA freeways and surface streets.

I received two boxes this week and have been waiting patiently until this morning to open them. Kate from Electric Venom sent a wonderful sewing box that came with some supplies. I had one that broke and replaced it with another that is way too big for a sewing box. It has wheels and a telescoping handle. I’m using that for craft supplies now. This little box is just terrific. Thanks Kate! Jeanette from J’s Cafe Nette sent me a mandolin slicer which will come in very handy this summer as my garden starts producing tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. MMmmm. Thanks Jeanette!

The kids gave me a couple of tank tops for summer. Thanks kids.Hubby’s birthday is July 8 and we are planning on dinner and a show next Saturday to celebrate both. We’re going to Morton’s for dinner, then off to Chicago Improv to see Jeff Dunham. We’re going to have fun.Oh, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there!