Now that they have to start over here are some things that I’d like to see in an Immigration bill (in no particular order):

  • So called “Sanctuary” cities, counties, and/or states lose federal funding until they stop being sanctuaries. If local governments won’t follow federal immigration laws, why should aliens?
  • Deport the criminals first. (see Patterico’s series – Part 10 here and links from there) Removing “sanctuary” cities, counties, and/or states will go a long way to make this happen. We have enough home grown criminals. We don’t need to be importing them as well.
  • Sunset date on the provisional “Z” visa. Once the provisional “Z” visa is obtained, it will expire after a certain time period. The alien must then either qualify for and receive a regular “Z” visa or leave.
  • Sunset date on the regular “Z” visa as well. Once an alien has received the regular “Z” visa, it will expire after a certain period of time. The alien must then apply for and receive citizenship or leave.
  • Family (chain migration): Family in this circumstance should include husband, wife, children and perhaps parent(s) of the husband/wife. I see parents because some adult children do take care of their parents. No sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins or “my sister’s husband’s cousin’s husband’s sister’s cousin’s aunt by marriage” If you don’t want to leave your extended family behind, then don’t leave in the first place.
  • Don’t make the Provisional “Z” visa easier to get than other visas. People are patiently waiting for their visas to come to this country. Just because the illegals are already here should not give them an advantage. The 24 hours from application to issuance of the provisional “Z” visa that was in the Senate’s Immigration bill is unworkable. Just look at the passport debacle. It was known well ahead of time that passports would be required for all (US Citizens as well) to enter the country, yet the Passport office could not issue them in a timely manner.
  • Both provisional and regular “Z” visas need to be revocable. All recipients of provisional and regular “Z” visas need to know that their visa is not permanent and may be revoked at any time.
  • Catch and release stops immediately.
  • More fence gets built, border security is increased.
  • The DREAM act needs to be dropped. Do not give advantages to those here illegally that legal immigrants and citizens don’t get. States that offer advantages to illegals need to be sanctioned as well if they don’t drop those advantages.
  • Real ID needs to be implemented as soon as possible.
  • Companies employing illegals must be prosecuted and heavily fined. I think that fines should be equal to what a legal resident alien or citizen would be paid for the job on an annualized basis. Perhaps times two. So if a legal immigrant or citizen would be paid $16K a year ($8 an hour) for a job, the fine should be $16K-$32K. This fine would be per illegal employee.
  • Mere possession of a provisional or regular “Z” visa should not entitle anyone to Social Security.  We won’t have enough for citizens and legal immigrants who have been paying into the system for years, let alone millions of those who haven’t been paying in at all. How many of the approximately 12 million are at retirement age now or will be in the next 20 or so years?
  • Learn English. If one wants to emigrate to a country where the main language is one other than one’s first language, one must usually learn that language.

I’ll probably think of more, but this is a start.