For the second time in two days I heard people on the radio and TV state that prayer isn’t allowed in schools. The first instance was yesterday on the radio regarding a proposed Illinois statute to mandate a moment of silence in schools each day. Currently a teacher has the option to ask for a moment of silence, but this bill would mandate it. Someone (a critic – per the radio newscaster) said that it was just opening a door to prayer in the schools. Today it was during a panel on the Fox News channel. They were discussing a high school senior who told her classmates at graduation that they would go to hell if they were unbelievers.

I am not going to even get into a discussion of her statement – that is not the point of this post – the point of the post is that prayer IS allowed in schools. First off, prayer is most certainly allowed in all schools. School led or sponsored prayer is allowed in private and parochial schools. In public schools, what is prohibited is school led or sponsored prayer. Students may pray at any school, public or private. Students may even gather in a group to pray or study religious books.

The ACLU is succeeding in its propaganda about the “separation of church and state”.

Remember, you CAN pray in school if you want. You can’t be forced to, but you may do so.


Immigration reform. I think that the very first step in immigration reform is deny federal funds to any city, county, or state that has a “sanctuary” policy. If cities, counties, and states can flout federal law – why shouldn’t the illegal aliens flout it as well? By eliminating this loophole, illegals who are breaking more laws than entering the country illegally can be deported. Deport the criminals.

I also think that the part of the bill that states that provisional Z visas have to be issued within 24 hours of application is just unworkable and unrealistic. I can’t see giving the visas prior to a background check. I can’t see a background check being completed in such a short period of time, especially when the subject of the background check may have fraudulent ID.