This was a kindergarten project. We had to build a robot out of recycled materials.

Robbie Robot

His head is made from a salad container from Boston Market, his eyes are a plastic Easter egg from last year, split in half with a blue sticker and marker pupil. Looking at him, his left ear is a small CD-ROM and his right ear is a Dole parfait dish on a piece of coathanger cardboard.

His neck is a Langer Farms frozen juice concentrate container with an old doorbell pusher on it.

His body is made from an organic salad container from the produce department of the grocery store and it’s lined with some tin foil and purple plastic wrap.

The front has the plastic portion of the packaging from a toy helicopter which has been filled with purple plastic wrap so that the “X” where the helicopter blades were stands out.

The right hand is made of fingers of tin foil taped together and attached to a foil covered cardboard hanger tube. The left arm is a package from strawberry tomatoes. The wheels are foil covered packaging from cooking pans from Christmas. They have CD/DVD’s taped to both sides and are mounted on an axle made of another hanger cardboard. The wheels really turn.

We really enjoyed making this project together and wanted to share!