Whilst perusing the Web this weekend I came across two blogs that had signed up with Review Me, a new reviewing site. Something that both Electric Venom and Slobokan’s Site O’Schtuff said about this site is that, when reviewing something under it, you must disclose that you are being paid for the review. So, here I am, getting paid for this review of Review Me.

This is quite an interesting premise. Advertisers pick which blogs they may wish to have review something. The blogger then chooses which of the ‘reviewee’s’ they wish to accept. The only requirements are that the reviewer complete the review in a certain amount of time (This review has a deadline of 48 hours from when it was accepted), that the reviewer disclose that the reviewer is being paid for the review, and that the review be at least 200 words long.

In the FAQ for advertisers there is one question:

Can I require a positive review?

We do not allow advertisers to require a positive review. The vast majority of reviews are measuredly positive, although many do contain constructive criticism. We view this as a bonus: how else can you quickly and cheaply get feedback on a product or service from influencers?

So it’s interesting and I’ve signed up. You can earn from $20 to $200 per review, depending on cites, subscribers and traffic. I got accepted, you probably can too.

To be accepted into ReviewMe, a blog must meet a minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic. If your blog is rejected, you may want to return in a few months’ time and submit again.