We here at Musing Minds are quite optimistic about the results of tomorrow’s elections. We are “bucking the trend” of the analysts. We also take polls with a large grain of salt because the only poll that counts is the one with no margin of error and will take place all day tomorrow. The “Proud To Vote” background at Hang Right Politics is a scan of the sticker received at the primary election last March. Tomorrow we will be sporting another one.

Back to our predictions (we have no particular methodology for this other than intuition and mistrust of the polling in general):

We predict that all the highly contentious seats in the senate go GOP with the GOP remaining in control.

We predict that there might be some losses of GOP held seats in the House, but we also predict that some of the Dem held seats in the House will change hands to the GOP so that there will be net zero change or even a positive change to the GOP.

Okay, we’re out on a limb here, but this is what we predict.

The Dems held control of the House for 40 years. They lost that control 12 years ago and they think it’s their turn again. They had 40 years, that should mean the GOP has at least 28 more years before it’s the Dems turn again… but they have thought it was their turn again since 1996.

JEFF1999 ADDS: And to add a little gravy, check out Captain Ed‘s look into the internals of the latest Pew Poll. To use Ed’s description, they’re “devastating” to the Dems – they’ve lost or are losing most demographics.

Vote GOP tomorrow. Say no to Speaker Pelosi.

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